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Tax Advice and Planning in Malaysia

Tax Advice and Planning in Malaysia

Our company formation specialists in Malaysiaoffer a broad range of professional services and business consultancy for local and foreign clients. We deliver a wide spectrum of tax services and planning, such as corporate reorganization, tax risk management and tax structure design, planning and implementation. Our local team in Malaysia works with many clients that include multinational, mid-market companies and large private entities.

In order to properly run a business nowadays, the professional help of an expert in tax advice and planning in Malaysia is mandatory, so that one can align the business understanding on the tax implications of any commercial decision beforehand.

Why do you need tax planning in Malaysia?

Tax planning is the analysis of a financial circumstance from a tax perspective to align financial goals with tax efficiency planning. The objective of tax planning is to determine how to bring together all of the elements of a company’s financial plan in the most tax-efficient way possible, in order to allow them to effectively interact by minimizing tax liability. Tax planning is undertaken to diminish tax liability through the use of all available allowances, deductions, exemptions, etc., and to reduce income and/or capital gains.

The video below provides a short presentation on the main reasons why investors should use tax advice and planning in Malaysia for their businesses:

Our tax-related services in Malaysia

Our company formation agents in Malaysia have the expertise and experience necessary to provide professional help in a wide range of tax and related issues. Being constantly up-to-date to the requirements of the Malaysian taxation system, our attorneys are committed to offering tax advice and planning at corporate and personal levels and preparing tax returns for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and Sdn Bhd companies. Our tax planning specialists in Malaysia help identify the proper tax planning opportunities for your company and maximize tax efficiency in order to save additional revenue. 

Our Malaysian company incorporation agents’ main focus is to provide specialized tax services and planning efficiently and effectively. Our specialists possess extensive experience and proficiency to aid business clients in a wide range of sectors.

With the rapid change of tax rules and continuous growth of business in Malaysia, it might become difficult to keep track of opportunities and common pitfalls. It is easy to not know all your rights and obligations tax-wise. Hence, it is in your interest to hire a specialized team of tax advisors in Malaysia to help you with your growing business.

If you want to set up a business in Malaysia, you can benefit from specialized help from our local agents. They can handle the preparation of the necessary documents, the registration for the payment of taxes, as well as the opening of a bank account for future financial activities. The minimum share capital for a limited liability company is 1 USD and only one shareholder is enough to establish the desired company. We mention that you also have support for redomiciliation if you are interested in this aspect.

If you need more information regarding tax advice and planning, you can contact our specialists in company formation in Malaysia.