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Open a Shop in Malaysia

Open a Shop in Malaysia

Although numerous businessmen have lately set their operations in the online environment, the traditional way of performing business activities is still preferred by investors. One of the greatest advantages of opening a shop in Malaysia refers to the fact that the customers can see and test the company’s products and purchase them immediately after they decide the company’s offer is suitable to their needs. Businessmen who want to open a company in Malaysia, registered as a shop, should take into consideration certain aspects which will help them increase their business activities. Our team of company formation representatives in Malaysia can offer advice on how to start a shop here. 

Choose a location for the Malaysian shop 

One of the most important aspects that should be handled by the investors, during the procedure of company registration in Malaysia, refers to the location in which the shop will be situated. This is of high importance, as the location of the shop can increase the daily transactions of the business. The businessmenmay choose a location depending on the activities carried out within the company, but as a general rule, most of the businessmen are usually interested in finding a location close to the center of a city or in a commercial area

Sign a lease for the company’s premises 

Most of the commercial buildings in Malaysia can be granted to foreign investors under a rental contract. The price can vary depending on the location in which the shop is situated, the overall conditions provided by the respective location and numerous others. In this situation, it is recommended to receive assistance from a local specialist, who can help the investors in negotiating the price of the rentOur team of company formation agents in Malaysia can offer in-depth assistance on this matter and can help with more details on the compulsory provisions of a rental contract

For example, prices for shops available for rent can vary from RM 1,000 to RM 43,000, depending on their size and the location in which they are situated.  

If you would like to open a business in Malaysia, our specialists can explain the formalities and guide you in this endeavor. They can deal with drafting documents such as Articles of Association, opening the company’s bank account, registering for tax payments, and many other formalities. What is good to know is the fact that the entire process of registering a company does not exceed 10 days, which allows foreign entrepreneurs to start a business in the shortest possible time.

Hiring employees in Malaysia  

During the procedure of company formation in Malaysia, the investors should also hire employees. Depending on the size and the activities of the shop, the investors will need to establish the minimum number of employees who will handle the shop’s daily activities. However, in order to reduce the costs associated with the company’s employees, the investors can also hire just one person, as long as the shop is situated in a small location (such as a boutique, a groceries store etc). 

In the situation in which the location will be modified or redecorated, the investors may need to obtain building permitsOur team of consultants in company registration in Malaysia can offer in-depth advice on such matters. Please contact our representatives for more details on this subject.