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Open an Amazon Store in Malaysia

Open an Amazon Store in Malaysia

Local and foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Malaysia as an online shop can also operate through an Amazon store. Amazon is an online platform in which sellers from across the world can sell their products, which can range from clothing items, books, electronics, to groceries, toys or sports products.

Investors who want to sell their products on the Amazon platform should know that the company developed at a fast pace in the last decade. If in 2006 Amazon’s net sales accounted for $10.71 billion, in 2016 its net sales reached $135.99 billion, a large part of the profits deriving from third-party salesOur team of specialists in company formation in Malaysia can offer an in-depth presentation on the main procedures regarding the registration of an online store through the Amazon platform

Registration requirements for Malaysian online stores 

Regardless if the investor prefers to start an online business or a brick-and-mortar shop, one of the main aspects related to company formation in Malaysia refers to the registration of a legal entity prescribed under the local legislation. This is also necessary if the businessmen want to operate through an Amazon store

It is also required to register for tax purposes and to follow any other incorporation steps available for a new company. For example, it is compulsory to establish a corporate bank account and to deposit the minimum share capital which can vary depending on the business form chosen by the businessmen. Our team of agents in company formation in Malaysia may offer in-depth information on the documents that are usually required. 

Payment platforms for Malaysian Amazon stores 

Since the store will be set up for e-commerce activities, as a seller, it is compulsory to establish a suitable payment platform for the company’s transactions. One of the accepted options for Amazon stores is to use a PayPal account. However, businessmen can also opt for a merchant account, which represents a similar means of concluding online transactions as the PayPal tool. 

The merchant account can accept both local and international transactions performed through credit and debit cards and investors can freely choose one of the multiple types of merchant accounts available in this country, depending on the specific business field in which they operate. 

Do you want to set up a business in Malaysia? You have the opportunity to work with one of our company formation agents in Malaysia and discover how they can be of use to you in this endeavor. For example, a limited liability company requires USD 1 as minimum share capital and a single shareholder. You should know that we will assist you in opening a bank account and applying for the necessary business license. You can contact us whenever you want to plan the establishment of the desired company.

More details on the subject can be provided by our representatives and foreign businessmen are invited to contact our team of consultants in company registration in Malaysia for advice on this matter, as well as on any other related matters.