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Relocate to Malaysia

Relocate to Malaysia

In order to relocate to Malaysia, foreigners will be required to obtain various legal documents, depending on their particular situation. A large proportion of the persons who relocated to Malaysia in the last years was interested in employment opportunities on this market. Businessmen who want to open a company in Malaysia employing foreign workforce are advised to study the employment legislation applicable in this situation. Our team of company formation representatives in Malaysia can offer in-depth assistance on the documents that have to be obtained by foreigners who want to receive a job on the local market or to obtain permanent residency

Minimum requirements when entering Malaysia  

When entering the Malaysian territory, foreigners will be asked to possess a valid passport. At the same time, the local authorities will allow foreigners to enter Malaysia if they own a travel document that is recognized at a global level

Depending on the nationality of the foreigner, it might be necessary to obtain a visa issued by the Malaysian authorities. Our team of company formation agents in Malaysia can provide further assistance on the legislation on this matter. 

Business visa in Malaysia 

Foreign businessmen who are interested in starting the procedure of company registration in Malaysia have to obtain a business visa, a document which is valid for a period of two years and which can be renewed if necessary. In the situation in which the businessmen want to relocate to Malaysia on a long-term period, they may also apply for bringing their close relatives (spouse, children) to live in this country. In this case, it is necessary to apply for a dependant visa

Permanent residency in Malaysia  

Persons who are interested to relocate in Malaysia for personal or business reasons can apply, in specific conditions, for permanent residency or for citizenship. Businessmen who are interested in company formation in Malaysia can apply for permanent residency here as high net worth individuals. For this, it is necessary to have lived in Malaysia for at least five years at the moment when the application is completed. At the same time, the investors have to make proof of the fact that they have deposited $2 million in a local bank account

Foreigners can address to our team of consultants in company registration in Malaysia for more details on the procedures related to relocation in this country. Our representatives can offer assistance on the fees applicable to these procedures.