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Shelf Company in Malaysia

Shelf Company in Malaysia

Malaysia offers local and foreign investors the opportunity of buying a ready-made business and also listing a new company. Shelf companies can do any sort of business as long as they don’t break the law or other local rules. On the other hand, for certain kinds of industries, you might be required to apply for licenses, approvals, permits, or register with related government institutions or organizations. Therefore, our team of specialists in company formation in Malaysia can deliver the needed information and proper guidance in case you want to buy a shelf company or to open a company in Malaysia. In this country, all shelf companies are inactive, without any savings account, and they have never initiated any trade activity, so all of them do not have any obligations. Our agentscan help you with an immediate agreement or contract, so you can start your business right away, without wasting time on a new company registration process.

 Quick Facts  
  Legal entities available for shelf company

Limited liability company

Time required for purchasing the company

A few days

Types of features it includes (corporate bank account, VAT number, etc)

– tax number,

– trading name,

– legal address

The advantages of a shelf company

– fast purchase & ownership transfer,

– easy access to bank loans,

– fast start of the activities,

– no debts

Appointing new directors 


Capital increase allowed


Certificate of no commercial activities


Modify the objects of activity Yes
Participants in the purchase procedure Buyer (or representative) & seller
The cost of buying a shelf company   Depending on longevity of the shelf company & purchase fees 

What are the shelf companies in Malaysia?

The shelf companies are listed for “General Trading” and can do all sorts of commerce, respecting the Malaysian laws. All these shelf companies in Malaysia are accessible anytime and instantly. Any foreign investor can be the legal possessor of this type of company after purchase, and he/she doesn’t have to wait for the registration procedure which takes generally ten working days. After making the payment, with the guidance ofour specialists in Malaysia, the investor can legally have the ready-made company within 24 hours. We present you an infographic with extra details:

The Benefits of Buying a Shelf Company in Malaysia

Important steps for having a shelf company in Malaysia

Our team of company formation specialists in Malaysia will arrange for you to take over the board of executives of the firm after existing directors will resign. The next step is to transfer the shares to their new shareholder/s, having into consideration that the necessary documents have been signed. Our representatives in Malaysia will also offer “letters of insurance” signed by the preceding company executives, approving that the enterprise was inactive, has no problems, and has not initiated any trade. 

Who can purchase shelf companies in Malaysia?

Ready-made companies can be purchased by both local or international entrepreneurs who want to do business in Malaysia and start the operations without waiting for incorporation. Shelf companies are great choices for businessmen who relocated to Malaysia and need to have activities as soon as possible. Once the ownership transfer is concluded and the formalities accepted, the shelf company is ready in Malaysia. If you need to know more about how to purchase a shelf company in Malaysia, you can discuss with our agents and ask for information.

Are there any risks when buying a shelf company in Malaysia?

No, there is no need to worry about risks related to a ready-made company in Malaysia. Such entities have no activities and therefore, no debts or liabilities. However, if you believe it presents more confidence before any purchase, you can ask for company due diligence and make some verifications. Our agents can tell you all you need to know about company verification and the entire procedure. A shelf company verification report will reveal if the business has or had activities, tax issues, or other unaccomplished obligations. Many entrepreneurs who choose company due diligence believe that this procedure is useful and presents a certain level of trust when purchasing a shelf company. You can discover more about ready-made companies and verification methods from our team of specialists in Malaysia. The following video offers a short presentation on the shelf company in Malaysia


Timeframe for buying a shelf company in Malaysia

Normally, once the documents are submitted and accepted, the shelf company can be ready in one day, allowing the owner to commence the activities fast. The lack of complexities in matters of formalities is a huge advantage offered by ready-made companies in Malaysia. Talk to our agents if you want to buy a vintage company in Malaysia.

Sectors and industries for shelf companies in Malaysia

Shelf companies can have operations in most industries available in Malaysia, as long as there are no restrictions imposed. Financial and insurance, IT, tourism, manufacturing, business management, fishery, and even agriculture might represent great business sectors for foreign entrepreneurs in Malaysia who want to buy shelf companies. With simple formalities, a ready-made company can have activities right away.

Advantages of shelf companies

Shelf companies are quite advantageous from many points of view. For instance, they are already incorporated, they have bank accounts, there are no debts involved and the ownership is offered quite rapidly. Another important benefit to consider about vintage companies is that are trustworthy for banks or other financial institutions. You can easily access a credit loan while owning a shelf company in Malaysia. Please feel free to discuss further details about the purchase of read-made companies with our specialists in company formation in Malaysia.

Investments in Malaysia

Malaysia’s business sector is appealing to international entrepreneurs as it offers a great market and lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Malaysia is considered to be the 6th most approachable country in the world for business for many reasons like a strategic geographic location, economical and political stability, simplified business, skilled workforce, many appealing government incentives, and a liberalized market. The friendly business policies and a simplified legal framework present confidence in front of entrepreneurs from abroad who want to make investments in Malaysia. Here are some interesting facts and figures that underline the business direction of Malaysia, in large lines:

  1. In terms of total FDIs, Malaysia registered nearly USD 169 billion in 2019.
  2. Malaysia ranked 12th out of 190 worldwide economies, as stated by the 2020 Doing Business report.
  3. Most of FDIs come from countries like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands.
  4. In 2020, about 38% of the total FDIs were absorbed by the manufacturing sector, followed by financial and insurance activities with more than 24%.
  5. With developed infrastructure, high cost-competitiveness, rich in natural resources, and appealing investment incentives, Malaysia is on the list of business for numerous entrepreneurs from abroad.

Business is simplified in Malaysia and it allows foreigners to start the operations relatively quite fast.  If you have any other questions about purchasing a shelf company or you want to open a company in Malaysia, please don’t hesitate to contact us.