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Obtain a Business License in Malaysia

Obtain a Business License in Malaysia

Are you interested in a business license in Malaysia? Our specialists in company formation in Malaysia can help you in this direction. We can prepare the documents and many other formalities related to the business permit in Malaysia, and in the following lines, you can discover some information about this subject.

How to apply for a business license in Malaysia

A business license in Malaysia is required before starting activities in this country. Here is what a trading license in Malaysia entails:

  • There are 3 types of business licenses in Malaysia: general/sector industry-specific and activity-specific licenses.
  • Pihak Berkuasa Melesen (PBM) is the institution that receives applications for a business permit in Malaysia.
  • Licenses and permits, approvals, and registrations are administered by the national/local/statutory authorities in Malaysia. You can contact us if you are interested in a trade license in Sarawak, for example.
  • The relevant authorities require a company registration certificate, ID documents, proof of business address, and business plan as part of the application for a WRT (Wholesale Retail Trade) license in Malaysia.
  • Recent financial statements are also requested when applying for a business permit in Malaysia.

We remind you that when you want to open a company in Malaysia you will need a business license. Here we recommend the services offered by our local agents when interested in a business license in Malaysia, including a food truck license in Malaysia.

Authorities that accept business license applications in Malaysia

Applying for a business permit in Malaysia can be done with:

  • government agencies,
  • service centers,
  • local municipalities.
  • with the help of professional services, as provided by our local specialists in Malaysia.

Do not hesitate to contact us for company formation in Malaysia and application for a business permit. Our local agents collaborate with the authorities to issue a business license in Malaysia.

What fees are paid for a business license in Malaysia?

The costs for issuing a business permit in Malaysia can vary. They are established according to:

  • the type of business license in Malaysia,
  • license duration,
  • considering the location of the business in Malaysia,
  • extra charges that are communicated at the time of WRT license application in Malaysia.

In any case, you have at hand our services for company incorporation in Malaysia, including when applying for a trade license in Malaysia.

What are sector industry-specific licenses in Malaysia?

There is a special category of business licenses in Malaysia, which includes various activities. Thus, a sector-specific industry license in Malaysia is necessary for:

  • manufacturing sector,
  • oil exploration sector,
  • banking sector,
  • construction sector,
  • broadcasting sector,
  • National Water Services, etc.

If you want to set up a company in Malaysia and obtain a business license in the industries and sectors mentioned above, we invite you to contact us.

Statistics about companies in Malaysia

Malaysia is an excellent business destination for local and foreign entrepreneurs, and the following figures underline this:

  • There were over 8,481,000 registered businesses in Malaysia at the end of 2022.
  • Around 12% of the businesses registered at the beginning of 2023 were limited liability partnerships in Malaysia.

In addition to the assistance offered for obtaining a business license in Malaysia, our specialists can help you with other aspects. You can, for example, talk to our accountants in Malaysia and make sure you comply with the law when starting a business in Malaysia. Contact us for extra details.